Assignments requested below are preferences ONLY. Actual assignments are based upon space availability and priority. The University cannot guarantee preferences and/or a housing assignment. To be considered for Sullivan University Student Housing, please complete this form and a $95.00 NON-REFUNDABLE application fee. After completing the online form you may wish to pay online or mail in your application fee.



Housing Preference: (please note: rank 1,2 or 3 - 1 is the first choice, 2 is the second choice and 3 is the 3rd choice)


Please Note: Matches will not be considered unless both students select each other.


The information you provide on this form will be used by the Office of Housing and Residence Life in making roommate and housing assignments. We value the importance of placing students in the most positive environment possible. Please answer these questions honestly to better assist the staff in providing you with a compatible roommate. After assignments are completed, you will be sent housing information including your roommate’s name(s) and phone number(s). Living arrangement preferences will be honored whenever possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

Please Note: Those interested in the Quiet Floor will need to meet specific GPA and judicial qualifications. Please call the Housing Office for more information: 502-213-8330.

Please Note: Smoking is prohibited in all areas within 20 feet of the building!

Rates are subject to change and are not locked in.

We reserve the right to deny, cancel or remove from housing, individuals who provide false information as part of the application process, individuals with a documented history of violent behavior, and/or individuals whose histories or behaviors demonstrate an inability to function within the community environment of University Housing. We further reserve the right to verify any information provided by applicants.

**All students must self-disclose any disability for which they are in need of accommodations. Inquiries and/or information should be directed to the Director of Housing and Residence Life at 502-213-8330. Written verification may be required from your physician in some circumstances.

Sullivan University makes all Housing assignments without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin and rejects all requests for changes of assignments based upon reasons of same. This document, when submitted to the Office of Housing with appropriate signature(s) and $95.00 NON-REFUNDABLE application fee, is a request to Gardiner Point Residence Hall for housing accommodations. The Housing Lease Agreement is effective as of the date of student entrance to University Housing. All students in Gardiner Point Residence Hall are required to purchase a meal plan as discussed during the admissions interview.

I understand the current housing manual, lease sample and Sullivan University Handbook which can be found at: It should be read and understood prior to moving into Gardiner Point.

I verify that the information furnished herein is accurate. Furthermore, I understand that this document is an application ONLY, and does not guarantee housing. Housing will only be “guaranteed” at such time that I am offered and sign a “Housing Lease Agreement."